How to use Page Tracker feature in Meta+

Doing business to be effective, you must learn carefully about your market, customers, products and especially your competitors. You should find out what competitors are doing with their products and how they approach customers, how customers are reacting, so you can learn from the good points as well as learn from the experience. from their mistakes to develop their brand to be more complete.

To help you track your competitors’ activities most effectively, we have launched the Meta+ tool. Hope it will help you in finding information about your competitors.

Meta+ is the most effective tool to help you discover other people’s fan pages. To view competitor information, please follow the instructions below.

  • After Login, in the Dashboard click Page Tracker 

  • Press New List to update competitor pages that you need information 

  • In Create New List you can create custom folder names. Then click Add to add competitor pages to follow

To Add Competitor’s page, we have 2 ways.

The first way, you can add competitor’s page by Link. You can add the multiple pages  at the same time and remember to enter when pasting another link. After that press ADD and done.

The second way, you just need to find the name of competitor’s page and then add

Once done you just need to press Create.

After creating, to see the competitor’s page information, you need to click on the icon as shown below to be able to see the information you need.

Now you can see all the information you need like the posts with the highest engagement, reach or shares. All information is displayed specifically and in detail.

To view information easily, you can filter by page, post format, tags and post time

In addition, you can also view each post in ascending or descending order. Seeing this will help you know which posts have high engagement

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